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Empowering women living with the effects of cancer to put their health first from our partners at Beauty Gives Back

Fact #1

75% of cancer patients reporting depressive symptoms are not receiving treatment, partly because they did not consider seeking help, and professionals did not pick up on their illness.

The Cancer Blues – the emotional fallout from cancer and its treatment – is a real and relevant part of the cancer journey. At Beauty Gives Back, it is our goal that by 2020, every woman diagnosed with cancer in Canada recognizes that the Cancer Blues may be a part of her experience and that she deserves treatment for the emotional impact of the disease in the same way she receives treatment for the physical.

Help raise awareness about the Cancer Blues and let Canadian women know they’re not alone on their cancer journey. Visit to learn how you can lend your support.

Fact #2

40% of female cancer survivors surveyed say they live in constant fear that their cancer will recur.

Sharing your fears and anxieties with others who are facing similar challenges can help alleviate some of the emotional distress experienced during and after treatment. Join the community and share, confide and connect with others who “get it” – because no woman would have to face cancer alone.

Fact #3

Sexual dysfunction affects up to 90% of women treated for breast cancer.

Both the physical effects of treatment and the psychological fallout of the disease can rob a woman of her intimate life; Fatigue, pain, depression, changes in body image and stress can all contribute to sexual problems, putting a strain on relationships and leading to feelings of self-blame, rejection, sadness and anger.

There is hope for women to reclaim their sexuality after cancer. Find facts, resources and information that can help you rediscover intimacy – along with support for “everything else you’re going through with cancer – at

Fact #4

84% of women were concerned by the changes to their appearance after treatment, and 83% felt the changes had an impact on their quality of life in the areas of emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being, sexuality and appearance, social interactions and their profession.

A free Look Good Feel Better workshop can help a woman look and feel more like herself by teaching tips and techniques for managing the effects of treatment on her appearance. This two-hour workshop is open to women facing any type of cancer, undergoing any type of treatment. To find a workshop in your area, visit  

Fact #5

38% of women felt that their treatment experience has a negative impact on their work life, leaving them less productive than before and unable to maintain their workload.

There are options. Find resources for keeping your career on track during and after treatment – along with support for “everything else you’re going through with cancer – at


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